The Bridge at Radisson Blu Resort Malta, St. Julian’s, epitomises elegance and convenience. Ideal for morning coffees, light lunches, or afternoon tea, it offers a splendid blend of atmosphere and culinary delights. Its spacious terrace overlooks the Mediterranean, providing a tranquil setting for relaxation and conversation. The Bridge is renowned for its quality service and commitment to providing a memorable experience, making it a superb choice for both casual and formal gatherings.


The Bridge offers a refined and elegant setting for guests to unwind, accentuated by breathtaking views of the sea, providing a serene backdrop that enhances the overall dining and relaxation experience.

Specialising in morning brews, The Bridge is the perfect spot to kick-start your day with a high-quality coffee experience, using premium beans and expert brewing techniques to create the ideal cup.

Being part of the renowned Radisson Blu Resort in St. Julian’s, The Bridge benefits from the prestige and high standards associated with the brand, ensuring guests enjoy top-notch service and amenities.

The Bridge emphasises creating a welcoming and invigorating morning experience for guests, making it an ideal location for breakfast meetings, early gatherings, or simply a tranquil start to the day.

Beyond coffee, The Bridge boasts a selection of expertly crafted beverages, catering to those seeking high-quality drinks in a luxurious setting, whether for leisure or business.

The venue combines comfort with a touch of luxury, ensuring guests enjoy a relaxing atmosphere that doesn’t compromise on the quality or the exclusivity of the experience.

Contact & How To Book

The Bridge
Radisson Blu Resort
St Julian’s
STJ 3391

Tel: +356 2137 4894

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Sample of The Bridge Menu

Jane F
Jane F
Relaxed Evening Drinks
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Decided to try The Bridge for some evening drinks with friends and it didn't disappoint. The sea view at night is beautiful, with all the lights reflecting on the water. The cocktails were decent, and the service was pretty attentive. It felt like a nice place to unwind.
Sean F
Sean F
Ideal for Business Meetings
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Had a business meeting scheduled at The Bridge and was not looking forward to it. To my surprise, the place had a calm vibe that made the meeting feel less formal and more productive. The coffee was surprisingly good, and the sea view added a relaxing touch. It's not every day you find a spot that makes work meetings feel like a mini getaway.
Sebastian K
Sebastian K
Comfortable Afternoon
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Dropped by The Bridge one afternoon for a change of scenery while catching up on emails. I wasn't expecting much, just needed a quiet corner. What I found was a cozy spot that felt like a hidden gem. The sea breeze and the sound of the waves were unexpectedly soothing. The staff were friendly, offering recommendations without being intrusive.